Murakumo Clan Leader: Xateramusa Okiaku & Spirit Guardian Kao

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Murakumo Clan Leader: Xateramusa Okiaku & Spirit Guardian Kao

Post by Xateramusa on Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:33 pm

Riding Avatar Song
Battle Theme                                              
QUeen of the Spirits

                                  "Do you understand the consequence of your actions?"
                            "Never give up when ever one falls someone else will raise and take up the fight."

Appearance: Part Human, Part Spirit with wolf trates.
True Form                                                                
 Human world Form

IGN: Xateramusa
Name: Lady Xateramusa Shenshi Okiaku
Alias: Hair or Ruler of the Spirit Releam
Age: 21  current Birthdate unknown.
Gender: SPirit Wolf Girl
Nation: Dragon Empire
Main Clan: Murakumo

Alignment: Nutrual at this time but will be hero once memroies are regained.

Generation: Legend Generation

Avatar Card: Any card with Shirayuki in its name. Mainly Shirayuki herself.

Personality: Caring, kind and sweet in human form but in true from can be cold, and seem unkind. She cares for thoughs who are close dearly weather in eather form, and shows thoughs who she think is trustworthy her true form. She embodys the very spirits of her clan and often takes on their traites. Once she makes a freind she becomes very loyal and protecive of them. SHe is calm, and dosn't do things half way in eather forms. She also has trates of a wolf and will sometimes act like one at random is always seen with a little creature that she calls Kao.

Biography: Before she was a great Assisin raised by a hidden village, and afterwords left, but a few montsh later was forced to return due to that she was the next Shaman of the village. A few of her friends and an exiled assassin helped free her from the village burden. She then found out that what she thought she knw was not the whole truth and that she was actually a half spirit half human with the ablity to merge with units and the next rueler of the spirit plane. Shortly after the battle for earth she had left the human world and journied to the spirit relem/plaine to take up her mothers role of guardian and ruler of the relem. While there she has learned many new stuff and many new abilitys with her units. Though due to the effects of the final battle she has lost some memoires of the resistance due to using both Shirayuki and Seimei at the same time while her spirit could not handle the strain of using both of them at the same time. During her time training in the relem she has become able to handle the power that she used during the battle. She will often go down to the human world to try and recover her memories and see how everything changes through out the years. One of her trips down to earth she had earned her title as Murakumo Clan Leader and holds that title well next to her true title. However due to her frist merge with her spirit wolf she had gained wolf ears, and tail permently due to the merge gone wrong basiclly made her part wolf, and gained a new allie in a form of a carbuncle that she named Kao. However due to some reason the only 2 people that she rembers are Yukino and Aoi who she visits when she comes down to earth.

Guardian Kao

A creature that is always with Xateramusa and became one of her best friends after Xateramua's spirit wolf who had died in the final battle. The loss of her spirit animel was to great and she felt a lonelyness that could not be healed. One night while visiting the grave of her spirit animel she came across a creature sitting at the grave, which spoke to xateramusa saying that she was summoned by the spirit of the wolf before it died to protect Xateramusa. After hearing this Kao and Xateramusa created a spirit bond and Kao had become a new Familar to Xateramusa and is always seen with her. Kao may look cute but is really protective of Xateramusa, and often seems to be the voice of reason along side Shirayuki. Kao and Xateramusa are a great team even though Kao dose not Cardfight she is often seen right next to Xateramusa when the battles began to make sure no seriouse harm comes to Xateramusa. Kao is only loyal to Xateramusa and will respect what she says above others.

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