Branch Director: Yukino Espoir "Chosen Sword"

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Branch Director: Yukino Espoir "Chosen Sword" Empty Branch Director: Yukino Espoir "Chosen Sword"

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"Weakness is a sin."

Hero's Wish

God of War
Distorted Swordsmanship
Mirror, Mirror - Complete Verse
Searching of the Wielder of Courage

Yukino has pale white skin and icy blue eyes. Her hair is a blue color of medium length that is pent up slightly in the back by her white bow that has blue stripes on the ends. Evidence of her Singularity Point status come from her eyes being mostly devoid of deeper coloring, only leaving a very light blue hue for irises. Pupils may morph into blades pointing downward with a sort of half-clockwork gear design at the top for the handle. A crooked scar over her left eye is present, born of unknown origin. Maintains a moderately plumper physique than pictures depicted.

Uniform Attire:
Branch Director: Yukino Espoir "Chosen Sword" 8uHwJkR

Casual Attire:
Branch Director: Yukino Espoir "Chosen Sword" A6auLnO

IGN: Hope
Character Name: Yukino Nakahara (Yukino Espoir)
Alias: "Chosen Sword" (Will), Hikari (Light), Yami (Darkness), Yugure (Twilight), Nemesis (Void), Meister (Blacksmith)
Age: 28
Nation: United Sanctuary Branch Director/Seventh Seat of the Grand Sanctuary
Main Clan: Shadow Paladin, Gear Chronicle
Secondary Decks: Royal Paladin, Gold Paladin, all other United Sanctuary clans
Alignment: Dependent on the views of the Cast
Generation: Legend

Avatar Card:
Supremacy Dragon, Claret Sword Dragon (Ideology)/Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon (Singularity Point)
Blaster Blade (Courage) (Missing)
Blaster Dark “Diablo” (Resolution)
Nation Saving Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors (Best Friend)
Chronojet Dragon (Partner, not actual Avatar)

Describing Yukino Espoir's persona exactly is difficult, words like “motherly”, “majestic”, "violent", "terrifying", "idealistic", "heroic", and “stoic” come to mind. First and foremost, the woman prided herself as a soldier. Preaching on about protecting the people, guiding them, ensuring safety, and knowing how to show no remorse when having to put down a problem with lethal force. Due to such a “serious business” front, the woman is sometimes seen as unapproachable and distant. This is true to an extent, as those who barely know her rarely get a glimpse of a more open part of her. Citizens find warmth and peace around her, however, as that cold front drops somewhat when giving words of relief and advice. That warmth makes her surprisingly popular with children but no so much with adults.

Other veterans, friends, and family know there's much more to the woman than above. She's rather despair-riddled, having gone through hell and back numerous times, existing as a Singularity Point as proof. As such, the queen is prone to mental breakdowns in private, and is slowly getting over them after five years. A glaring contrast with the notion “weakness is a sin”, which is an ideology none would think of Yukino to assert as truth. Fortunately, she does not see it as a “Might makes right” motto, but instead “weakness is met with despair, so becoming strong is met with hope.” A motivation for those berated and beaten by the world. In a way, it is also her lashing back at the world in angry vengeance. “Weakness is a sin” is how she will raise the children of the new world – forewarning them the harshness of reality.

Long ago, the desire to be a “sword” - an object – was present in her mind. After the events of the Reaper Invasion, that has changed to wanting to be completely human. … A sacrificial human, but a human nonetheless. The girl's work-obsessed attitude, along with pushing aside her feelings for the sake of others proves that a good number of her character flaws have yet to be worked out. An improvement, however, came over the years. She used to have a problem with rarely eating. Now, she seems to have a problem with eating too much. Always snacking on something sweet, or devouring a full course meal. The fact that she learned how to cook, and became an excellent chef, did not help lower the amount she eats.

Yukino has an interesting view of “evil” as of now, calling most that are vile “necessary evils”. Those who threaten the Vanguard consensus will be eliminated, yet those of the dark vanguard of Umano's Slums for example, are required for her end-goal, as are dark beasts like tyrannical business dealers and those who believe in the game as a “weapon” or the sort. This view of those in darkness relates to her incomprehensible trust in Claret Sword Dragon, the one who started a new civil war, and split Shadow Paladin into two factions once again. Despite this, however, she loathes Link Joker and even unintentionally acts as the voice for all who hate the clan of invaders for everything they've done in the past era, treating many users poorly. This divine hate unrivaled by man and deity also extends to Reapers, who are now seen and treated as lapdogs - servants and tools of mankind only when absolutely necessary. Harbinger herself, the Divine Power of Destruction and the plague of her life is no exception. Yukino treats her horribly without an ounce of remorse, though also treats her like an annoying feline. It's hard to tell, but Yukino has "affectionately" nicknamed her "Cat", while also constantly hitting, smacking, kicking, and abusing the God of Death. Even so, the Chosen Sword cannot afford to expend or lose her, synchronizing oddly well with her sworn enemy, utilizing the irritating pet as a superweapon while also limiting her powers and threatening to take the life she enjoys so much away at any given moment.

The “good” that is the opposite of the evil are treated like Yukino's own children. The members of the Sanctuary, her friends, her units, her family... those who threaten them are met with eyes harboring murderous intent. The Chosen Sword is famous for being exceptionally violent, even abusing her Meister power to summon a number of large blades. Even more so when her husband is brought into the scene.

Ultimately, the woman radiates with a newfound kindness, but also conceals a larger amount of desperation and hunger for power. Especially at the thought of her younger sister, Hana. With the developing Vanguard Consensus and summoning the “God of Vanguard” on top of that. Yukino Espoir stands at the summit, being a high ranking member of the Cardfight Association that she plans to very much destroy for her ambitions, charging in stubbornly as to not be swayed from her purpose. … Which results in people carrying her out of the Branch office building when she's overworked. Yukino can actually relax more than she did before, but does so... less than average still.

The God of War has openly declared that she will take over the worlds, ruling over Vanguard, and progressively extends her influence and control while rebelling against the Grand Sanctuary. She has transformed with the combination of all her mirrors into a calm, composed control freak advancing in her purpose to put the New Generation in charge, stopping at very little to give the children of a new era the world. Especially Aoi Undyne, her personally declared "Trump Card".
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