G Era Character Template

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G Era Character Template

Post by Best Girl on Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:05 pm

Appearance: (Picture or paragraph description.)

IGN: (Your CFA Username)
Name: (Full name.)
Alias: (Optional, just a title you're actually known by!)
Age: (It's been five years since Season 4/The Reaper Invasion, so +5 to your age from then. You can have a birthday in the middle of S4 you didn't list, so +6 can also work.)
Gender: (r u a boi or a grill)
Nation: (Since people want to make this more convoluted than necessary... This is the Branch your character is stationed to. You are restricted to your clan's nation if you are a high member of authority in said branch. If you cannot decide which branch you actually want, just pick where you think your character lives closest to. You'll be able to swap branches only once or twice later on, but only later on.)
Main Clan: (Up to two.)
Secondary Clan: (I don't care how many you have here.)
Alignment: (Putting "Hero" is fine, but please do not put "Villain". Put "Antagonist". I'm also allowing you obnoxiously annoying neutralfags, be grateful.)

New Generation: Has not been around for most of the RP/GSE, and/or is simply not matured and experienced or skilled enough to be any other Generation. You are the main focus of the G Era.

Veteran Generation: Has been around for a decent amount of time, and/or is experienced enough to not be new, and has a good grasp of their skills to know what they're doing.

Legend Generation: Has been around since GSE, were the leaders of the Legendary Generation, and are world-class players with loads of experience under their belt. If you have not been here since GSE, you may not be here except without special permission from me. You must be Legend Generation to be a Branch Director.)

Avatar Card: (I actually don't care how many you pick now. Just note, however, that doesn't mean go crazy and pick random units you won't play. The limit of one same avatar per person is three, so be aware of what you're picking and what others have decided on. Don't hog everything uselessly and make sure you play what you pick.)

Personality: (At least one paragraph/five sentences describing how your character acts and interacts.)

Biography: (This is actually optional now! But if you choose not to put it in your profile, you must be ready to explain it in the roleplay later on.)
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