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Re: New Earth

Post by Doggy on Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:34 pm

The new Okuri seemed to calm some as the Hero took him into her arms. The shaking calmed some, the whimpering softened. The presence of another holding him close seemed to be helping the confused young mind settle. The pup moved around snuggling the girl as she held him while Aoi and Jessie debated on names. None of it registered to the Spirit.

Aedan approached the group and after speaking to the people present said hello to Okuri holding out a finger in front of him. The two had never known each other previously and it was a bit of an awkward meeting to be sure. If only because the tired and confused pup had no idea what to do with really anything. He seemed plenty curious and sniffed at the finger some. After some exploration he turned back all at once burying his face in Aoi. Still shy.

Then he started moving some. Jessie was still standing close by and the young Spirit seemed to want to go to him. He awkwardly started climbing up Aoi's arm, still getting adjusted to how his small legs worked. With a single small and mostly adorable bark he started reaching a paw out at Jessie. A small jump then occurred which must have been like jumping a gorge in comparison to the creatures side, for sure a scary moment to any onlookers. But having clumsily hit his mark he crawled up to the boy's shoulder. He let out a yawn that seemed impossibly large for the small body and curled up on the boy, quickly slipping off to sleep. What seemed like a smile rested across his face as his breathing deepened and slowed.

This was the Spirit's new start. A new day would come for him, full of things to learn and explore. Everything would be new and fresh and exciting. It would be full of adventures and happy times and sad times all alike. Great Nature would miss the vanguard they had fought alongside for the war. But it was a bittersweet feeling. He would get to really be happy now. If that was how they were to part that would be alright with them. Centuries of suffering had been laid to rest, and hopes for a bright future placed on a tiny puppy, peacefully sleeping on his closest friend.

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Re: New Earth

Post by Jello on Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:06 pm

Before he knew it she was once more laid in his arms, her lips against his. Time slowed again, just as it had been all day today. The only thing that sped up was the emotional outburst the boy was close to letting out. He simply held her close as she sobbed. Her crying face, the one coated in tears, did not stand out from the festive and celebratory atmosphere. They were happy tears, the kind that Haruka wanted to be apart of for a little.

He stared down, only a bit since Yukino seemed to fit into his arms so well that it didn't meet any extremes. Haruka pushed his forehead to hers, sliding his hand up and down her back to comfort to sobbing warrior.

"So, I'm guessing this means the wedding is still on?"

He grinned, letting the rest of the world slow down again. His face wore a jovial grin, completely encased with excitement and happiness. Though he didn't want to take all the time of the commander, he felt at any moment she could be whisked away by time or some other exterior force. Anything could take her away it felt like, and that was a feeling that would sit in his chest for a long time. So for now, he took every second by the grip and went with it.

"Let's go home. I'm sure you wouldn't mind a cup of coffee? Bring some of the team maybe..."

Haruka glanced over to Jessie and Aoi and Okuri, as well as the boy who had waved to him just a moment ago. Everyone in the area was a familiarity to him, and it made the heart swell again.

"If you want, that is."

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Re: New Earth

Post by Best Girl on Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:49 pm

“Hey, look.” Koga finally looked down from the sky, nudging at her older sister: Fuki. The blonde had been lost for a few moments, remembering that even an omnicidal divine power still loved them enough to ensure them safety and nurture them kindly as their own kin. … In reality, were the sisters not the last two Reapers? Perhaps Sovereign's seed is another... No, don't worry about it. Fuki shook her head, understanding it was for the best – to move on from Tomozo, and live a life of their own. .. A life of her own. The blonde eventually turned to look at the little cabbage, who pointed to a bag to the side. Taking it, it was a snack with a note from... the Simple Soul. Filled with kind words, encouraging statements... and some apologies. A smile quickly curled to face, Fuki content with this ending, as was Koga. The older clutched the note tightly, standing up. “Where are we going?”

“To do something about our careers. This may not be our timeline, but we still have to make a living.”

“We get to be idols again?!”

“Let's start off as a duo, just like last time.” Fuki beamed with a warm glow. The cabbage shot up from her seat, standing on the bench... and the two felt a warmth at their shoulders. They didn't even have to think about it, knowing it was Tomozo instantly. The family was still together, and the dream was still alive. No more gloomy despair, it's time for a new beginning.


“He ran off to go have drinks.” Jessie smirked irritably over his brother's terrible drinking habit. Honestly, it got on his nerves so much, he'd pay to hear him say he's swearing off of it. That aside, he gazed at the happy couple reuniting, and then was sure to keep eyes on his new puppy when he could, trusting Aoi to hold him comfortably. Poor thing retreated from Aedan after inspecting the digit that reached out, only reacting the way a scared and timid little creature would. It'd have been cute to him if he didn't remember him was a rather large canine spirit. The boy sweat nervously, unsure of how to deal with the spirit not going to remember anything... and unconsciously tightened his grip at the discarded sash, keeping it close. Keeping Okuri close. This new spirit and the memories of a friend were both absolutely precious. … Jessie quietly vowed to not let it or anything he cared for slip out of grasp, then looked to see Aoi staring at a suddenly active Fluff- Tamo- they'll decide later. The renewed life was moving toward Jessie, and it surprised them both when he suddenly jumped. Jessie had initially moved to caught him, but instead presented his shoulder for the new life to land on. Jessie gave a relieved sigh like he ran a marathon, and Aoi smiled. He needed aspirin. Aoi, however, needed to calm down her hyper as she waved excited to more oncoming friends.

Meanwhile, Yukino simply held onto Haruka, savoring the sweet, warm embrace of her beloved. She couldn't find anything to say, not even to him asking about their wedding. It was obvious she wasn't going to let him go, clutching onto him like she'll faint without him as a pillar. Coffee sounded great, bringing the team sounded great, everything sounded wonderful... But the soldier queen just wanted to... rest. She was so, so tired after five years of torment, the feeling of being truly happy again after so long was foreign and breathtaking. Her crying majesty only further nuzzled into him, thinking of a response. Though, Bashiro and a number of other thugs were marching out. “Nah, nah!” The brawler shouted to his buddy Haruka. “You two go home! Look, we'll drag you back here for a drink later, and then we'll see you on the big day, eh?!” Bashiro continued, as he and others began making ape-like cheers for one of their previous commanders. They went right back to screaming, and Jessie turned to see them going off somewhere.

“Oi! Wait, you idiot!!” Jessie shouted, taking the new family pet off his shoulders, and holding him close to chest so the pup didn't fall. He rocketed off, and Aoi waved to her fellow Aqua Force player.

“It's finally over, master.” Aoi beamed, grinning ear to ear before turning to rush off with her friend.

“Let's go home.” Yugure requested.


Congratulations on defeating the greatest evil, having struggled for what seemed like an eternity in your eyes. Bonds were tested, some fell apart, many vanished altogether. Friends and family were lost, and hope was pressed down by the ugly, heavy hands of despair. Now, none of that binds you. You have surpassed the horrific deities that plagued the universe, and earned a future you yourselves will mold as you please. Words cannot describe the sheer magnitude of your grand victory. Though many do not remember the chokehold of a nightmare, still will your triumph in a dream be recognized as pages of noteworthy history.

Look back, and know you fought against the end and survived.

You survived to tomorrow.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], Father Espoir giving everyone the day off to celebrate, and opening access his greatest treasure next to his wife and children: his wine cellar. Truly, this was a day no one could forget, especially with Butler-san screeching to high heaven over such fine liquor. Yugure and Haruka had returned home, and their parents were more than pleased to greet them with waves and a strong nod of approval. Confetti and fireworks, even in broad daylight, surrounded the mansion with a great, festive air. Mother Espoir, smiling broadly, rushed to her daughter and son-in-law, hugging them tightly and nearly choking them in her maternal embrace. “Dear”, Father Espoir spoke softly, his stoicism dropped for clear joy in his voice. The woman laughed nervously, letting go of her kids, who took a minute to find their breath. Then, she stuck one medal each onto their attire – a medal of honorable service fulfilled in full. Servants cheered loudly, and Yugure's eyes closed, feeling a heavy sleepiness take her – exhausted from the long war that had ended. But, her mother patted her cheeks, waking her up.

“There's one more reward for you specifically.”

Yukino didn't understand her mother's words, watching her step back to father, who looked backward, nodding again. The parents both smirked and grinned, stepping to the sides... revealing a girl of long, navy blue hair as shimmering, green eyes. She was dressed in dark, school-appropriate attire... just as she was years ago in high school. The Chosen Sword's eyes widened, fully awaking to see the impossible sight before her: “Yukinee” was called out one more time by the now physically returned Hana Espoir. Yukino wasted literally not a second, making a mad dash to her sister, and grabbing her by her shoulders.


“Yeah, Hana.”

“Hana!... Ha... ha...” Yukino broke down into tears again like the world's biggest crybaby, pulling her revived younger sister in a soft embrace, who returned it lovingly.

“Geez... Your eyes are so puffy. You can't keep crying, you know!”

“I know... I know! It's just... It's just...” The Chosen Sword sobbed and bit her lip, feeling the Princess' forehead pressed to hers as gently as possible. The reunited sisters gazed into one another's eyes – pupils having morphed into swords for the queen and stars for the idol. Though, the starry eyed lass looked at her sister oddly in curiosity.

“Your hair... a little bit of it is blue.” Hana pointed out, lifting a little blue strand of hair from the normally ivory colored top. Yukino was confused herself, and honestly a little way too excited on top of her waterworks in the past hour at least. Before she could speak, the blood rushed to her chest, and she clutched at it, grunting in pain. Everyone was immediately concerned, but then heard a voice from above, calm and friendly... and familiar.

”Yukino Espoir... You despise us divine powers with good reason... Even so, I could not... I could not help myself from trying to make it up to you.” It was Chronojet Dragon – the Mediator of Time... the being who was so inactive that many events were driven to the points they reached when they never had to. Yugure looked up, a tad annoyed by the irritating deities trying to throw her a bone. She wanted to earn her sister back, dammit. … Though, that quickly faded with another tinge at her chest.

“... What did... you do...?”

”Ahaha... I still wish the best for mankind, that even includes you, Exculpate. I've renewed that little condition of yours with much less severity. Worry not, for mending it is quite simple. The treatment... is simply take it a little easier in your future.” Chronojet chuckled, invisible to the upwardly gazing Espoir household. Yukino's mouth was agape, speechless over such... strange kindness. This irregularly beating heart... reminded her that an entity that cared about every being, good or evil, was putting out what he could to help all. He helped the Seeds, stayed out of Leviathan's way... but also helped humanity with his boon, and it was thanks to him their potential to Stride was unleashed in the first place. Him... and the Messiah, she supposed. Hana pat the queen on her back, seeing a grin akin to Queen Yukino's – a mirror's. It was arrogant, cocky, and defiant, but mixed with the smirks and smiles of the other mirrors belonging to “Yukino Espoir”. … Fine, she'd be content with this fatherly-like love and compensation.

“... I hate you all, Divine Powers. … But thank you, for all that you've done, as I've said before.”

The presence in the sky was gone. Mother Espoir called for pictures, and everyone was excited. Father Espoir called for all of the family: Haruka and Seifer included. However, mom was more interested in one of the most important photos she had to take. The Queen and Princess were hugging again, and a flash struck.

Two little lights were all grown up, and their family was whole again.


In a grassy plain from a distance, unknown if Cray or Earth, many weapons and names lied on the terrain. This would be a shrine of sorts – a testament to the Legend Generation.

Tomorrow was finally here.
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Re: New Earth

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