Reaper Invasion - The Infinite Legion

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Re: Reaper Invasion - The Infinite Legion

Post by Lightning King on Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:07 am

Fubuki stepped towards Chris. She knew that Aqua Force was at a major disadvantage against Link Joker, and reason called her to use her recently obtained Granblue deck. However, reason was not important here. For the memory of Cyan, and for the sake of what she had to do, Fubuki had chosen to use the Blue Storm Armada to face the Chaos. Nobody else could do this, nobody else could save Chris. Perhaps nobody could.

The cold and silent Fubuki fought a losing battle against the energetic clown. Though she seemed to be at an advantage at first, it was quickly turned against her. But from the very beginning of the game, Fubuki kept one card in her hand: a Perfect Guard. Chris checked almost no triggers throughout the game, but taunted Fubuki nonetheless. Calling her empty. And Fubuki accepted it. After she won against Cyan, Fubuki had lost herself. So all Fubuki could do was respond to Chris, to make Chris see what she was.

Every lock, every Stride, every time Chris became more injured, Fubuki walked closer to the psychopath. No matter how dangerous it was, this was the only way, the only thing she could do. Until now, Fubuki had done nothing. She'd been worthless, she couldn't even save her most important friend. But she was here to change that. In this fight, in this battle, she'd save someone. For Cyan, for the resistance, for humanity, and for herself.

The second Stride of Chaos Universe appeared, the perfect guard from Fubuki's opening hand still with her. With how few of Chris' triggers had appeared, the three drive checks granted by Stride, and the damage Fubuki had already received in the fight, she was certain that this strike would end the game. Yet she said no guard. Even if three triggers had appeared, Fubuki would've been able to guard all of the attacks, but...

"I'm not here to win."

That was the simplest way to say it. Fubuki didn't fight against Chris to win. She wasn't at this battle to win. Cyan's last wish wasn't for her to win. It was to save the world. To save humanity. And, in this moment, to save Chris. Once she received the final damage, Fubuki walked up to Chris and... hugged her. Fubuki lost on purpose, and when she was given the opportunity to destroy, to defeat, to step on the Clown and enforce her ideal... She didn't. She, the cold, emotionless robot... chose to care. To show compassion. To help, to understand.

Fubuki poured her heart out to Chris, to make her see that her ways were wrong. And she felt she succeeded. One of her hands was raised to start petting Chris... and then it happened. Her words reached Chris, but in the wrong way, and before Fubuki could even attempt to fix things, she felt the scythe stab into her from the back. Now Fubuki spat up blood. "W-wh.... why..." Fubuki muttered before the scythe was pulled out of her. She fell backwards, limp, staring at the roof of the cavern.

"I... i'm so sorry, Cyan..." Fubuki breathed as she bled out. Medics attempted to help her but it was too late, Fubuki was already in critical condition. The scythe had done too much damage.

"I... I couldn't..." Before she could finish her sentence, she saw something... an image. A spirit. Aoi's spirit. It placed a finger on Fubuki's mouth... and it smiled at her. Even if she hadn't succeeded, Fubuki could feel... Even though her friend was no longer here, she was still proud of her. A smile appeared on Fubuki's face and a single tear rolled down from her eyes as she breathed her final breath.

Kaiyo Fubuki... was dead.
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