Codename: Nemesis

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Codename: Nemesis

Post by Best Girl on Tue May 03, 2016 12:38 am

IGN: Hope
Character Name: "Nemesis" Ỳ͡u̷͘͠͠k̢̨̢͘͏i̸n̵̨̧ó͞҉̕͝ ̷̕E҉̨̛͡ś̸̡p̶̵̶͠ǫ͘͢i̡̢͘͡͝ŗ́
Age: 0 (Recently Created)
Main Clan: Link Joker R̷̕͜ǫ̶́͞y̷̸̨͘a̶̵̶̛l̶҉ ̸̨P͘͏̢̀a̷҉̧̀͠l̴̨͜͟a͟͝d͘͞i҉̴͞n̴̵͞͏
Avatar Card: Star-vader, Blaster Joker - aka "Ace" B̵͡l̵̵̕͜͝a̡̨͏҉s̢͏҉͡t̶̨̡̕͠è̢ŕ̸̸̨̀ ͞͞B͏̸l͏͘͟à̷̵̡͡d̵̕͢è̛̛͜͞
Alignment: Villain - Servant of the Reapers.

Personality: A completely loyal tool to the Deletors, serving as a Cyberoid of Link Joker - a living Star-vader that shares similar stoicism to FUKI and others, having little emotions like the majority of her clan, and contrast to her Berserk Emotion partner. However, that is only at first glance. Rarely, but surely, can Nemesis be infuriated beyond her robotic nature to scream and shout. Yet, again, it rarely comes out. Expresses care and synchronization with "Ace", and is usually looking to Photon, her caretaker and guardian, for guidance and orders when no one else gives her any. She will always state truthfully when asked or mentioned: "I do not know anyone by the name Yukino Espoir."

Seems to jumble up Aqua Force with Kagero, and Genesis with Neo Nectar, unable to tell the difference with certain units.

Biography: The deleted Yukino Espoir reconstructed and restored by Harbinger, to be an empty sword with no heart as she lamented years ago. Her memories have not been entirely destroyed, but the small remnants left behind are a mess. This leaves Nemesis herself to deduce what they are via rigorous scanning. Despite actions, personality, and appearance, she is not actually a robot. The Void inside of her body has reformed her structure to operate similar to that of an android.
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