Reaper Invasion - A Nightmare Without End

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Re: Reaper Invasion - A Nightmare Without End

Post by Best Girl on Mon May 02, 2016 4:20 pm

Chronos stood in the air, watching the Resistance and company retreat from a battle they lost against the Twin Towers. He turned to Harbinger, brimming with absolute rage and hatred for the mortals fleeing behind him and the monsters in front of him. Only Gear Chronicle can be trusted, of course. Humans are idiots and the Reapers are demons that will eat all of time, and the one that was leading it all couldn't be stopped.

"Don't you get it yet, Chronos?" Harbinger sneered. "Nothing can stop me. Even if the Chosen Shitstain somehow bullshitted her way over my armor, she died for it. Anyone else who gets lucky and does something like that is going to end up the same. Those who fuck with my brother are going to all die. Chronojet is horrified of me, and when I see him again, it's all going down the drain."

And she was right.

Chronos grunted irritably over his powerlessness. The miraculous sword of transcendence that sliced off a claw is gone forever.

Everyone escaped, the spirit of time looked down grievously before warping away.

The sphere of void slammed down and catastrophically obliterated the entire area surrounding Shop Handsome, the "resting place" for many, including Yukino Espoir and Jessie Hakaisha.
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