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Jellal Kisaragi

Post by ZanKisaragi on Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:30 pm

IGN: Zane Sorciere (This one has the most SP sleeeves ;3)
Character Name: Jellal Kisaragi
Age: 20
Main Clan: Aqua Force
Secondary Decks: Shadow Paladin (Raging Folm)
Avatar Card: Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom
Alignment: Hero

Personality: Jellal is a peace-loving male who always gives it his all. He comes off as quiet due to his shyness but he is very goofy at times, kind and sincere, loves to tell jokes and is very supportive of his friends. When faced with a challenge, he becomes the literal meaning of a ‘quiet storm’: going all out yet still maintaining his calm composure. Jellal also doesn’t hesitate when it comes to helping people out, doing everything he can and then some to show his dedication. He's relaxed guy preferring to have fun over anything and is always looking out for the benefit and the well-being of others. His strive to get stronger comes from his desire to enjoy the game as much as possible.

Biography: After his defeat to Neu, Jellal vanished off the face of the existence, never to be seen or heard from ever again. His efforts and battles were carved into the history as time continues to advance. The legendary fighter who opposed Yukino with Phantom Blaster Overlord and freed Royal Paladin from Neu before eventually defeated. Many years later, the legendary fighter surfaces once more, the same as he left: his sparkling pale blue eyes and his shimmering blonde black hair. Jellal suffered from loss of memories with anything regarding Vanguard, the friends he's made, his beliefs, everything. However with the help of friends, he became interested in the game all over again and was bestowed the Shadow Paladins once more. He regained his memories after his fight with Chimera along with new goals: to protect his friends, figure out what happened to him, and reunite with his long lost avatar: Maelstrom. When he regained his memories, his hair changes from black and blonde to black and white while growing out.

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