Gastor Hiruma

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Gastor Hiruma

Post by Best Girl on Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:53 am

Character Name: Gastor Hiruma
Age: 21
Main Clan: Spike Brothers
Avatar Card: Bloody Ogre
Alignment: Villain - Reaper Drone

Personality: Is apparently incredibly violent, requiring the more stoic and calmer drones to jump on him and hold him down when he decides to "attack" something to the point where his mind doesn't switch off. A somewhat blind mindset, believing whatever he crushes is akin to a field goal or a touchdown, and reaching what he's going to crush is the forty-yard dash to victory. Follows Harbinger solely because she's obsessed with brutally dashing hopes and dreams. He has a fetish for brutality in general.

Biography: Details unknown.
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