Outcast Assissin Riko

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Outcast Assissin Riko

Post by Xateramusa on Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:47 am

He is a close childhood friend and partner to Xateramusa. They did all the missions together, and when Xateramusa left he was one of though who supported the decision. However after the new chef took over Riko saw the darkness in him, and not many knew but he was suppose to be the next leader however that went away once Seph took over. Riko put it upon himself to rid the village of this darkness that Seph brought with him after overhearing Sephs plan and how Xateramusa fitted into the occasion. Yet he had failed and instead of being sentence to death he was outcaste due to the fact that if Riko was murdered by Seph then the village would turn on Seph. While outcast he grew his strengths and soon became stronger then any other assassin. He waits patently for the day were he can retake his village.

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