Aedan O'Brien (Currently Deceased)

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Aedan O'Brien (Currently Deceased)

Post by Cipher on Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:07 am

IGN: Cipher Izanagi
Character Name: Aedan O'Brien
Age: 19
Main Clan: Gold Paladin
Avatar Card: Raven Haired Ezel
Alignment: Hero
Bright and cheery why a highly trusting nature. However has a soft spot for women and children, and will go out of his way to stop either from crying. Naturally a good person, and has a strong sense of justice and will. If something aggravates him enough, especially in a cardfight, his black eyes will turn a dark gold.

His true identity is Seyer, the Seifer look alike from the previous war when the Seeds attacked, though he has no memories of it. As such, Aedan looks identical to Seifer with a few differences, mostly the eyes, hair, and the way he speaks... As well as his height and age. Being born in Ireland affected the way he speaks, so he will always have a rather thick Irish accent though he's still rather easy to understand. That being said, Aedan was always a loner as a child, but never counted it as a curse. Rather he liked being alone at times, using the time to find new hobbies... Eventually landing in Vanguard. He didn't know why, but he took a rather quick liking and understanding to it, as if he'd done it before (spoiler warning, he kind of did), settling eventually on the Ezel faction of Gold Paladin. Continuously he'd push himself until he eventually made his way to being the Irish Champion in the Euro League. Word reached his ears of another Euro League Champion, who he wanted to test his own abilities against... Which lead him here...

After coming to Japan, Aedan quickly got wrapped up in the war against the Reapers, contributing his abilities and innate power to assist the resistance. He played a large hand in defeating Malice, and helped assist against a Shadow Paladin Witch user. Throughout the war, he became disillusioned with the Resistance, though remained with them in part to having befriended Aoi Undyne. Her bubbly personality, and ability to stay cheerful in the face of adversity caused him to believe in and support the Resistance though he grew distant from them as the war continued to drag on. With the appearance of Chronos, and the revelation of his previous life all of his sins began to weigh heavily upon his heart and the attachment to Aoi which he believed to be infatuation was revealed to be guilt of his past life in which he murdered the Chinese Champion's previous incarnation as Cyan. Unable to forgive himself, he separated from the group, afraid that he might repeat his past deed. Unaware of Yukino's deletion and resurrection as a drone of the Reapers, Aedan made his way to the battlefield of Tokyo Tower, initially resolved to only spectate as he'd given up on his life as a result of Chronos revealing his past to him and the other previous Seed's lives to them, resulting in his inevitable erasure.

However, unable to truly accept doing nothing, the Irish Champion engaged against the Seed of his sister Mirai, trying to dissuade her from the path she had chosen... to no avail. After succeeding in defeating her he set his sights on ending the conflict by defeating the revived Yukino, now Nemesis, by achieving transcendence and fusing with Mithril Ezel. Knowing this would kill him in the end, no matter what, the young man held all of the power inside of his body causing his life force to be crushed under the weight as he fought against Nemesis. Eventually, he was unable to continue fighting and used all of his energy to attempt to burst Nemesis and her partner Ace, though failed. He died soon afterward due to a combination of his own self inflicted injuries, and Nemesis's own strikes, having his lung and heart pierced. At the end, all he could see and think of was being unable to say good-bye to Aoi and the rest of his friends he'd made.

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