Solis Guren'ou

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Solis Guren'ou

Post by Best Girl on Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:08 pm

Eyes are teal, mostly devoid of color.

Character Name: Solis Guren'ou
Age: 20
Main Clan: Kagero
Avatar Card: Perdition Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great
Alignment: Villain - Strongest Reaper Drone (Aside from Fuki and "Cabbage")

Personality: A man of nihilism, believing the future is meaningless when it will be endlessly filled with calamity, noting that heroes who die bravely watch disaster from Heaven, and can do nothing of it. States that Harbinger and the Deletors are the ultimate salvation as liberators from deaths with regrets or afterlifes of witnessing humanity suffer via total erasure. Has a powerful bond of kinship with Dragonic Overlord, having fought along side him in his own timeline against the Reapers, even proving his intellect by discovering the weakness to the aliens by himself. Respectful to others, but tells them hope is meaningless even still.

Biography: He seems to be from a destroyed timeline, and his lack of eye color would suggest he is a Singularity Point like Yukino Espoir.
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