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Character Name: Fuki
Age: 24
Main Clan: Link Joker Ŗ͟o̕͠y҉́a̵̧͘͢l͘҉̛͠͞ ͏͏̸̢͞Ṕ҉̸̨a̶̛̛ļ̛a̧͟d̀̀͜͡i̴̷̴̧͞ņ̵͠
Avatar Card: Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon
Alignment: Villain - Strongest Reaper Drone and Harbinger's right hand.

Personality: Seems to be almost entirely emotionless, lacking feeling except for little rises in emotion when fighting or showing concern for Harbinger. Mostly stoic, and shows some stern parenting-like leading toward other drones.

Biography: Previously the middle sister of Shop PSY's hostesses.
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