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General Rules

Post by Best Girl on Wed Oct 28, 2015 5:37 pm

Just to get them properly listed out. Posts that break these rules will be edited upon demand or deleted.
(Credit goes to Egg on CFA for additional rules.)

General Rules:

  • Godmodding - A lot of definitions for this one. To make a long story short, however, it's when a character is simply too powerful, more or less controls other characters by making responses for them without the other's consent, having things they should not be able to, doing things they shouldn't be able too... Basically, playing God. You're not even close, so don't do it.
  • Power Playing - Let's talk about a scenario. Say a bunch of deities are having a conversation in Heaven about how to smack humans into shape. Now let's say your character knows this fact for absolutely no reason. That's a form of power playing. Knowing things you shouldn't and/or doing things you shouldn't. It's another form of Godmodding, but it needs to be emphasized that both are offenses of the same category, and neither are encouraged nor smiled upon.
  • Evolution - Poster boy cards in Vanguard eventually get new forms. Usually in the forms of Crossrides or otherwise close enough. Wanting these is fine, but it's when to get them that you need to be clear about. Timing and what you want to develop into need to be discussed with and approved by staff. If you get a no, just wait a bit. Don't immediately jump in at your own consent.For these, make sure to message staff here or on Skype about what your plans are. Even if approved, if it is done and still too early, then it must be taken down. Tell us specifics of the plan and a general time frame (early game, mid game, endgame) or a specific event in which the evolution card would be obtained. If there are any changes to the plans, make sure to tell us as any changes would mean that you would have to get it approved again.
  • Clan Limits/Avatar Limits - Despite the limited card pool, we also don't have that many roleplayers in general. The current maximum amount of people who may share the same avatar are 2. There are characters that speak to their cards, so take note that if you do and share the card as an avatar with someone else, make sure to have the card notice the other champion and respect them, depending on the role they play. Clan Limits largely vary by the different avatars, types of cards, types decks, and the overall diversity of the roleplay. There is no set numbers, so it is "played by ear" by hosts and thus decided on gut feelings. Please listen to staff members on posts of clan registrations closing.
  • Multiple Charaters - If you are an active roleplayer, then you may have up to three characters, but make sure to ask and speak with staff first.

In-RP Knick Knacks:

  • Materializing Units/Unit NPCs - Units materializing themselves on Earth is allowed on certain conditions. The units may affect the setting and cause destruction around the area through their battling as long as it is within reason and in a fight. Units may speak to the character through thoughts. Make sure to take caution if this unit is shared as an avatar with another player and make sure that they unit takes notice of the other player as well and lines up with the other character if necessary.
  • Powers - Before having your character receive a certain power, notify staff. Character powers can add to the plot and/or be around for flashiness reasons. If powers are used in tangent with a fight and adds to the result in terms flashiness then it is allowed.
  • Dice Rolls - This RP has no system similar to that so all forms of conflict are resolved through Vanguard. If there is a conflict within the RP and one of those involved cannot fight, bring the conflict to the staff.
  • Plot Armor - Communication is key as there are certain games in which a certain character would be unable to lose. Make sure to communicate with the person whom you are fighting before the fight starts or is initiated to make sure that a per-determined fight outcome is fine. If so then fight normally then the character with "plot armor" can stack their deck whenever necessary for a nice and stylish victory or miracle heal. The one without it may also do as long as the agreed upon result is what comes up in the forum posts. Just have fun with it!

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