Daichi Himura

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Daichi Himura

Post by aja201 on Sun Mar 13, 2016 2:27 pm

"Cloudy with a chance of friendship."

IGN: Alwaysawake
Character Name: Daichi Himura
Age: 20
Height: 6'0
Weight: 160 pounds
Alignment: Hero
Main Clan: Nova Grappler (Subject to change)
Avatar Card: Ultimate Raizer Dual Flare (Subject to change)

A introverted young man that tends to keep to himself. Keen on speaking his mind. His interpersonal skills leave something to be desired. Not to say he's a malicious fellow, but he has trouble dealing with people. If one were to sum him up, kind at heart but rough around the edges.

Diachi grew up in a middle class suburban family and was homeschooled his whole life. Coupled with being perfectly fine on his own, the young man had never been able to make too many friends, as such he's rather out of touch with people in general. He's been playing vanguard for several years, having first picked up the game as a way to get closer to others but now takes pride in his skill. Currently he works as a bartender at a local bar, and splits rent for an apartment with a new roommate in the city.

Due to the death of a close friend of his during the reverse incident, Daichi was changed as a person. One of the few people in his life that he could lean on having permanently left him had created a moment of utter isolation for the young man. The clan of his friend was Nova Grappler, his recent use of the ring fighting personas being picked up as a means to remain close to them.


Likes: Coffee, games, relaxing, a good time, both the fantasy and sci fi genres as a whole, nerds.

Dislikes: Snakes, people that force others to do what they don't want, vanilla ice cream, the comedy laugh track, vegans that mention they're vegan all the time.


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