Bea Ludenberg

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Bea Ludenberg

Post by Bee_Chan on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:39 am

IGN: cozlo477
Character Name: Bea Ludenberg
Age: 19
Main Clan: Granblue
Secondary Decks: Amaterasu Legion, Musketeer Legion
Avatar Card: Ruin Shade
Alignment: Hero

Personality: Bea is a quite girl who normally keeps to herself and talks only if someone directly talks to her. Bea often times comes off as having a very mysterious aura around her. Bea never admits nor has intentions of doing anything evil but she also does  not admit or have any intentions of anything good, she is simply neutral. She believes that the "Lock" technique is used in a special way, that only she thinks of. Bea often times will be alone, as no one finds her good enough to hang around for long periods of times without becoming weirded or creeped out.

Biography: Bea was born in Germany and moved to Japan once she graduated high-school. Her accent was thick and often times she found a struggle with people understanding her. Over a few years her accent became more understandable. Bea started working at a flower shop because she had always been in love with flowers and enjoys the play-style of Neo Nectar. Bea is in love with mythology of all kinds and finds any clan that uses them to be fairly good. She enjoys the undead and dark theme of Granblue very well.

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