Sakuya Fagan

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Sakuya Fagan

Post by Dementuo on Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:38 pm

big image doe:

IGN: Kay
Character Name: Sakuya Fagan
Age: 17
Main Clan: Oracle Think Tank
Secondary Decks: None (subject to change in future seasons)
Avatar Card: Battle Sister, Jelly
Alignment: Hero

Personality: Sakuya holds within her a strong sense of justice. She can’t stand to be anything but kind towards people, even if she might not like them, and absolutely hates seeing wrongdoings. She does her best to spread her ideals through simple acts of kindness, rather than trying to force her beliefs onto others. Sakuya believes that, by simply being a good person, she can help make the world a kinder place for everyone, and refuses to do any sort of bad deed.

Biography: zzz

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